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Is this really necessary?

 I don't have a Twitter. I don't have a Tumblr. I don't have a Facebook. I don't have a Myspace. I don't have anything that has to do with social networking and all that jazz. But I do have an account at TheFashionSpot and IMDB. Oh and the PurseForum. I don't have any of the other things I mentioned because, I can just email your ass, text, or call you on the phone if I want to keep contact. And there is this little thing called AIM that I also have. Why do I need to have journals and blogs? I wouldn't keep up with it anyway. I have a list of sites I run through when I get online. ONTD is at the top of the list followed by TFS. I would never keep up with the other stuff, I would forget. You click on my name here and you hear crickets. That other stuff just doesn't "fit in" and besides, I have no interest in it. The only reason why I'm writing in this is because people keep asking me why I don't write in my journal. Because it's just another thing I would have to do. I'm lazy, but also have a routine. Blogging and writing in journals isn't included. 

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