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2nd entry? I'm shocked myself

 I decided to post another journal, ha. I've had this thing for years and have never posted shit. Only that rant from a couple days ago. Next thing you know, I'll be on FaceBook.......Nah, I'm playing. That'll never happen. So, I decided to start writing again. I have no idea who I'm talking to since no one knows this is here. But whatever. Anyhow, I'm going to start writing again. And by writing, I mean putting down my ideas for television shows. I've came up with a lot of great ideas. Also, my shit will be copyrighted and also registered with the WGA. All my previous shit is. So if anyone comes across my journal and likes an idea and decides to use it for themselves. Well, I'll sue you bitch. And I have the paper to back it up.

Well I was picking out my mood and I was going to do shocked. As in I'm shocked I'm doing a journal. But why the fuck does it have a happy face? That's not shocked at all. Then I tried to use surprised. Again, just a regular smiley face. What is up with that? So, I'm just going to put my mood as confused. Because at this point, thats exactly wtf I am. Confused. 

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